What types of employment resources are available for people who want to find a job in a different field?

Use job search websites · Create a free account on Indeed, com, then upload your resume or create one. Are you looking for new skills? Do you need training? Learn about free employment and training services available throughout the state. Occupational Outlook Handbook If you're looking to enter the labor market, change jobs, or find professional information, the Handbook can help. You can learn about job, education and training requirements, promotion opportunities, employment, salary, and 10-year job prospects for hundreds of occupations.

The Manual also lists related occupations and sources of more information. One of the most common ways for job seekers to discover employment opportunities is through job search sites. There are hundreds of online job boards, as well as apps, aggregators, social media channels, networking groups, and recruitment company websites to choose from. Occupational employment and salaries by area Occupational employment and salaries by area can help you figure out where an occupation is common and how much you might expect to be paid for that occupation in different areas.

Occupations by education level and projected growth You can search for more than 800 occupations by name, job size, projected job growth, salaries, typical initial education, and necessary training.

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