What resources are available to help me make a career plan for employment?

Career planning tools SWOT analysis, career tests, self-assessment, research, community resources, personality tests, career planning process. The resources on these pages will help you prepare for a productive and effective job search and improve your professional development efforts. The Internet offers a wide variety of professional resources. Many of these resources can be used as self-help to plan your career (see the links below), although it is recommended to search for an accredited professional services provider.

For the benefit of professional development professionals, we have made a slow effort to collect, organize, select and publish online a list of free, current and credible Internet resources. Whether you want to plan your professional future or simply need a structure to keep up with your professional and educational goals, career planning resources will help. You might find that setting goals transforms the way you spend your time and effort, ensuring that you're moving in the right direction. Learn about salary expectations and employment licenses to better prepare for the next steps.

Get the confidence of knowing that you're building a successful future. The site contains information and resources for finding a job, starting your own business, volunteering, finding a retirement community, traveling, and a variety of other resources. As you study these resources, check out the AARP Commitment for Employers, aimed at employers that recognize the value of more experienced workers and actively recruit and hire older workers. The resources are dedicated to helping people manage unemployment benefits, job searching, and resources for housing, child care and other needs while they are unemployed.

While this list offers some job resources and tips for employment, it also includes resources for those who are more interested in finding a new opportunity to participate in life and career. Additional resources include an analysis of mental health professions, training interviews with counselors, salary information, blog posts on trends and news, and educational and professional support resources for counselors. Other states could adapt a similar resource for their adults and youth in their state using local resource contacts. The careers page offers numerous professional resources, such as professional profiles, professional workshops, academic and non-academic career advice, employment statistics, networking and more.

There are also professional and professional development resources, such as articles on employability and a job board. Users can explore resources related to job searching, unemployment, applications and interviews, part-time jobs, and partnerships between employers.

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