What are the benefits of using employment resources?

Employment agencies have a pool of qualified applicants. Not only do agencies pre-screen applicants, but most offer several tests that applicants must pass before being hired. These include basic tests, such as writing words per minute until obtaining knowledge about software programs for the field, such as accounting or word processing programs. This ensures that the applicant is competent for her position before starting.

It also states that she will contact the agency for help in the future. An additional benefit of an employment agency is that it can turn an exceptional worker into a long-term employee. You have the advantage of seeing her work and learning her work habits, her skills and if she fits into the company's culture before being hired. Converting an employee may cost you a fee, since most agencies usually charge a percentage of the annual salary for the conversion, but the rate may not apply under the initial contract or be reduced depending on how long the applicant has been working for you.

Job Skills has a menu of resources for employers that focus on the current and changing world of work.

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