How can i use social media to access employment resources?

As a person looking for work, social media can be a very powerful method to help you find a job. From networking to researching potential employers, there are plenty of. From networking to researching potential employers, there are plenty of smart ways to use social media in your job search. Employers often use sites such as Twitter and Facebook to advertise job opportunities to those who subscribe to or follow company news sources.

Find the latest news and resources exclusively for members that can help employers navigate an uncertain economy. In another case, a former employee sued her employer for access to her LinkedIn account, which the employer interrupted when she left the company because the company's staff maintained it for her. In an attempt to be personal and provocative, employers who allow any employee to post to the company's account are also exposed to problems such as the possible disclosure of confidential information about the organization, non-compliance with labor policies, or other regulations or public relations problems. Actively developing your social media presence and showcasing your experience is a great way to generate recognition and compensate for job gaps or lack of work experience.

If an employer decides to allow employees access to social media platforms, then the employer needs a comprehensive and well-defined policy to prevent abuse. While information posted publicly on a social media site can be fair game, employers should never ask a person to allow them to access password-protected information.

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