How can i use salary negotiation services and salary survey services to access employment resources?

Try these seven tips for collecting and using salary information in your next salary negotiation. Don't try to manipulate the salary data you collect. The right salary survey data, used in the right way at the right time, can help you show that you deserve a salary increase. When you see relevant salary data, write down any trends and save them until you review them.

Negotiating salary is an incredibly complex and emotional task. And as such, it becomes a personal and loaded topic that, all too often, results in misinformation. A survey earlier this year showed that 41% of people did not negotiate salary for the job they currently hold. That's why, in an attempt to find out what is true and what isn't with respect to wage negotiation, we sent out three new surveys that were answered by more than 1000 employees and employers.

The objective was to decipher if people negotiate, why there is a stigma associated with negotiating, if employees believe that they will face negative repercussions if they ask for more money, and if employers really get upset when employees defend themselves. The first thing anyone asking for a salary increase should think about is what they are asking for it. In previous surveys, we established that people generally fear salary negotiations. Earlier this year, 59% of the American workers we surveyed said they're apprehensive about negotiating wages.

So it shouldn't be surprising what people answered when we asked them why they're afraid to negotiate. However, on the other side of the bargaining table, 73% of employers agreed that they are not offended when people negotiate. In addition, 84 percent said they always expect job seekers to negotiate salary during the interview stage. But more importantly, 87% said that they had never rescinded a job offer after negotiations during the interview, and no employer (that is, zero percent) reported that they had demoted or fired an existing employee simply for asking for a raise.

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