How can i use career counselors and coaches to access employment resources?

Search for vacancies in New Jersey through Job Source. Take free online courses to improve your skills. New Jersey workers now have access to more than. Starting with the most common definition, career counselors can help you with every aspect of your job search process.

This can include writing resumes, preparing interviews, networking strategy, optimizing LinkedIn, job search tips, and negotiating compensation. Despite the important role they play, professional coaches often find themselves without the tools or support needed to better serve their clients. To address this problem, Rework America Alliance offers high-quality training and resources, developed in partnership with members of the coaching community and workforce, to better equip professional coaches to help job seekers find good jobs in today's economy. Working with national and community partners, such as Goodwill, National Urban League, Rural LISC, UnidosUS and state labor partners, Rework America Alliance provides training and resources to professional coaches and guidance counselors from across the U.S.

UU. The Professional Services Resource Directory was created to connect job seekers with quality online resources.

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